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Spa Treatments

We also offer a range of spa treatments for that special occasion…….or simply because you are special and deserve a bit of indulgence! We have a choice of facials, foot spas and scrubs plus our ultimate 2 hour indulgence of a full body massage and European style facial together. Any of these treatments can be done on their own or you could combine them with a massage or facial.

Revitalising Foot Spa

Treatment starts with a soothing aromatic foot bath followed by a calming reflexology foot massage and finishing with a revitalising peppermint foot scrub. 30 mins – $47.50 or 1 hour – $90

Ayurvedic Body Scrub

This exclusive ancient Ayurvedic treatment will leave your skin tingling and feeling smooth and fresh. Starting with a full body brushing to remove the old dead skin. This is also a great stimulant to the skin, increasing the blood flow while simultaneously moving the lymphatic fluids in your body. Following a series of Hot Towels, a soothing rub using Ayurvedic silk gloves to polish and revive your skin.
This is like the best cleanse and polish for your skin. Using our signature organic Himalayan sea salts and pumice powder and organic coconut oil and coco butter, get rid of that dry and dead skin cells leaving our skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.  45 minutes – $80

Facial Therapy

We now have two styles of Facials – Traditional European Facial plus the new –

Facial Treatment Therapy. This treatment is a combination of your traditional facial with the inclusion of Facial Spindal Therapy and Gua Sha. Both techniques working to remove excess puffiness of the skin, break down the fibrotic tissue attached to wrinkles, smooths periopheral nerves and scraps excess lactic acids and other metabolic build up from the muscles. You will be amazed at the difference.

Traditional European Facial. Based on the traditional European beauty treatment, our facials are all about relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalising for both you and your skin. Our personalised skincare treatments will give you the results you are looking for. We treat:

  • sluggish and unhealthy skins

  • problem skin

  • sun damage

  • aging and dehydrated skins. 1 hour – $110, 90 mins – $150



Using a combination of organic oils and floral waters, this Ayuverdic treatment using the bronze Kunza wands offers deep relaxation, lymphatic cleansing and rejuvenation. 1.5 hours – $150

EAR CANDLING – 30 mins – $45

Drawing on a range of healing therapies, the therapists at The Body Spot offer a range of multidimensional wellness treatments for your health and relaxation.

ENERGY HEALING/CHAKRA BALANCING – 30min – $60 or 45min – $85

IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT THERAPY – a treatment that assists in bringing the mind and emotions into balance to support the physical – 45min – $85

One person – $85
Two people – $140



Lip Wax – $15
Brow Wax – $15
Chin Wax – $15
Lip & Chin Wax – $25

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure – trim, buff & polish – $25
Full Manicure – $50

Mini Pedicure – trim, buff & polish – $35
Full Pedicure – $25


THE ULTIMATE FACE & BODY TREATMENT – This is a treatment we all deserve. Starting with a full body massage finishing with a facial treatment that is so relaxing it will really sends you to the clouds! This is a full hands on treatment. Helen’s beauty tuition from many moons ago was based on the principals and methodology of European facial treatments. It is a full hands on treatment, cleansing, steaming and massaging away all of the stress and tension from your face and upper body. It really is the ultimate….. 2 hours – $180 or 3 hours – $250

AYURVEDIC BODY SCRUB & MASSAGE – a combination of our revitalising body scrub and a 1 hour 15 minute massage. 2 hours – $180

AYURVEDIC BODY SCRUB & KUNZA WAND FACIAL – a combination of our revitalising body scrub and European style classic facial. 2 hours – $180

Add Ons

We also have mini Add Ons that can go with any treatment. They are all 30 minutes long ….

Eye Revival Treatment – enjoy this pampering treatment. Revive those tired and strained eyes, reduce the puffiness with a gentle massage with acupressure point work as well as a relaxing scalp massage. $40

Exotic scalp massage and Shiatsu with our signature Frangipani Argan oil. Reduce your stress and tension with this soothing treatment to help you unwind, relax and reduce your headaches. $40

Mini Foot Spa Our feet are the hardest working part of our body and deserve all of the attention they can get! The perfect little pick me up includes a foot soak in dead sea salt, a soothing massage followed by peppermint foot scrub. $40

Express Facial Perfect pick me up for your skin making you look fresh and relaxed. Using our signature range of all natural skin care products this treatment includes cleansing, scrub, massage followed by a gold hydrating mask. Pure bliss! $50

Energy & Chakra Balancing with Yasmaheena Bring your Etherial and Auric bodies into balance with this nurturing specialised treatment with Yasmaheena. Perfect add on to one of her facials or Aromatherapy treatments. $60

Tarot Card Readings with Janine and available every Thursday. 30minutes $50, 60 minutes $100. Group bookings available on request.

Lash & Brow Bar

LASH TINTING – Lasts 4-6 weeks and takes 30 minutes. – $20

BROW TINTING – Lasts 4 weeks and takes 15 minutes. – $15



BROW SHAPING – Takes 10 minutes. – $15

The Body Stretch Spot

New to the Bay is our one on one stretching program with our trained therapists. We are all trained in mobilisation techniques, Prioproceptor Neuro Facilitator stretching and postural alignment. We use gentle pressure to put your body into a stretching position and then we hold it for 2-3 minutes to allow the striation of the muscle fibres to relax, straighten and switch off. This allows for a deeper stretch to help improve muscular imbalances, flexibility and tightness. Perfect as a treatment on its own or as an addition to your massage.
One Hour – $85
Half Hour – $45


One Hour – 1 person – $90
One Hour – 2 persons – $140